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New Redcar Media Centre shows off Barnshaws Metal Bending skills

Redcar Media Centre

Sabre Structures recently commissioned Barnshaws Metal Bending to fabricate 16 tonnes of steelwork to be used in the new Redcar Media Centre build. The curved metal was bent to a tight radius using the induction bending process.

Barnshaws’ purpose built multi section induction bending machine was able to curve the 533 x 210 x  82 Kg/m  beam on the x-x axis to a 10300mm outside radius, a job which would previously have been fabricated from plate. The bend was achieved by producing a specialist-heating coil, along with a re-designed rear clamp method, which led to an overall more efficient production procedure.

Barnshaws manufactured specialist engineering tooling to ensure the successful and accurate bending of all 32 sections.

The curved metal sections will go on to become an integral part of the new £4.9m youth arts, performance and media centre on the sea front at Redcar, a complimentary feature of the Redcar regeneration scheme. Delivered by Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, the centre’s striking design is an evolution of a sea shell concept, emerging from discussions with local young people.

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