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Barnshaws bend Candy Canes for Santa’s elves

With Christmas only weeks away, and no time to bend the candy in-house, the elves contacted Barnshaws

Barnshaws Section Benders is famous for bending metal, but this Christmas the Tividale based business received a call from the elves of the North Pole to bend a more festive material. After Rudolph broke into the candy department and ate all the stock, the elves realised they had no candy canes left for the big day. With Christmas only weeks away, and no time to bend the candy in-house, the elves contacted Barnshaws to bend 500 tonnes of straight candy canes before the deadline of the 25th December.

Iva Candy, Head of Elf and Safety at the North Pole Candy Facility commented: "Rudolph always likes to get a good feed before the big journey, as it takes a lot of effort to travel the world delivering presents. Usually he's happy with his pre-flight meal of hay and magic fairy dust, but when one of the elves left the candy store door open on Friday, all that was left on Monday morning was an empty warehouse and one very fat reindeer."

The elves were soon in contact with Barnshaws, the world's premier specialist bending company, to bend the new shipment of candy. Luckily, despite the tight deadline, Barnshaws had the capacity to deliver.

Stuart Anderson, Sales Manager at Barnshaws, explained: "This is the second time we've had the honour of working with this client, as last year we bent the stainless steel tube runners on Santa's new sleigh. We settled on induction bending for this project, as cold bending candy can lead to the cane breaking during the process. With the candy heated, we could create a smooth even curve to the required radii, allowing the canes to be packed in a uniform manner for transit around the world. We didn't hear from Santa himself, so we assumed the elves wanted to keep this one under wraps."

Barnshaws were able to deliver the candy canes on-time to CE (Candy Excellence) standards, the top sweetification of candy quality, giving the ever busy North Pole elves time to pack the candy canes for delivery to children all around the world.

Harry Bo, Canetenance Manager at the North Pole expressed his delight: "Rudolph was more of a green-faced reindeer than a red-nosed one after his binge, but after a strict diet of brussels sprouts he's now feeling ready for the big push on the 25th. Thanks to Barnshaws, everything should go as planned."

Merry Christmas and seasons greetings from everyone at Barnshaws, the sweetified candy curving specialist for the North Pole. 

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