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Barnshaws Help to Improve Motorway Traffic Flow

Motorway Traffic Flow

Barnshaws Metal Bending, the World’s largest steel bending company, is supplying curved steel posts as part of a new motorway sign designed to improve traffic flow.

Faced with the increasing challenges of easing congestion on England’s motorways, the Highways Agency is delivering Smart Motorways that enable the hard shoulder to be used at peak times, effectively creating a temporary fourth lane.

A new electronic sign, called an MS4, displays illuminated text and images in dual colours to inform motorists of a variety of information, including when the hard shoulder is available for use.

Barnshaws has been tasked with creating tubular steel posts from 508*16 circular hollow sections (CHS) to a 2000 c/rad with straights at each end. The MS4 sign is attached to the long straight. The short straight is anchored to the side of the motorway.

This design has resulted in faster installation of the signs. Previously complex, larger fabrications were needed which meant that motorways needed to be closed during installation and maintenance periods, disrupting traffic flow and creating a range of additional costs.

The sign looks aesthetically pleasing and the reduced costs should enable Smart Motorway systems to be rolled out across the England.

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