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‘G to M’ of Technical terms for bending metal

Technical Terms


Hot Bending The bending of pipe or shapes through hot methods e.g. Induction Bending

Hard Way The most difficult axis to bend a section. Often referred as the X-X in beams / channels / Rectangular Sections.

Hump A rounded protrusion or bulge on the intrados / extrados.


I.D. / I.R. Inside Diameter / Radius of the material.

Intrados The inside arc of the bend.


Joggle A profile with 2 or more bends in a row in which each bend is in the opposite direction as the previous.


Minimum Wall Thickness The wall thickness specified on the fabrication drawing or computed in accordance with the applicable specification as the minimum acceptable for temperature and pressure application.

Machining Allowance An amount of material added to the section to be curved to allow the section to be machined back to an exact size. Careful note of the tolerances will help select the correct amount needed. Generally the larger the section the greater the allowance needed.

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