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Barnshaws become the largest cellular beam benders in the market

Cardiff waste-to-energy project

Barnshaw Section Benders have been involved in several large-scale energy and renewables projects, and the latest work supplied to Cardiff is no exception. This prestigious job involved Barnshaws Structural Division working with ASD Westok and Fisher Engineering, which is a part of Severfield-Rowen PLC.

Working together with ASD Westok, Barnshaws were asked to produce some of the deepest cellular beams ever requested.  The largest being a 1594mm deep beam, which is formed from one of the biggest universal beam sections that Tata produce- 1016 x 305 x 438kg Ub’s.  Not only were the beams large in terms of depth, they were also large in length with upwards of 23m of bar to be curved.

On top of the curves for ASD Westok, Barnshaws have also been curving a number of bars direct for Fisher Engineering, which includes a variety of sections and sizes ranging from 457mm deep universal beams, to 400mm deep rectangular hollow section (RHS). Both cellular beams and sections have taken Barnshaws expert benders 3-4 months to form and together they weighed approximately 500 tonnes.

Barnshaws have a strong relationship with ASD Westok, and the early consultations enabled the client to see that Barnshaws was willing to invest heavily in order to meet their requirements.  Barnshaws have invested more than £70,000 on new equipment and tooling, which means that the company can now curve the largest cellular beams available. Through continuous collaboration with Severfield – Rowen PLC, Barnshaws have a long history of producing work that otherwise would have been impossible.

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